The Record rises in Victoria

The Record is an independent, locally operated news web financed entirely by readers and supporters.

This new service was conceived as a result of a widely shared perception of significant gaps in news media coverage at Victoria city hall.

Residents no longer have sufficient information to gain an understanding of their government and to participate effectively. We call this a democracy deficit.

Unlike other cities, in Victoria there are no assembled public data on the voting records of city council members (although the City is planning to provide such a service in the coming months).

So we decided to do one ourselves, focused on development issues and covering the entire four-year term that ends this October.

At The Record, we will examine the background, positions and performance of incumbent council members--and challengers as well--during the campaign.

We start with the premise that all of us share a common interest in maintaining and building on our city's strengths and creating a better place than the one we live in now.

We know of no villains or untarnished heroes working for our city, only human beings with qualities and faults pursuing their own unfolding vision.

We aspire to increase dialogue and understanding, in the belief that we all have something to contribute, including or especially those we disagree with. A good motto: Just listen.

A note on our writing and reporting: We offer news and analysis and research-based point of view designed to provide a depth of information on key issues.

Point of view is an element of many of our articles and columns. To us, it means journalism based on facts and research, written with clarity and purpose, as well as conclusions and personal perspectives offered as added value for our readers.

If you like what we do and want to encourage us, please join in our efforts through our fundraising page.

You can also subscribe to updates on The Record, follow us on social media links and leave brief comments at the end of articles. Please be polite, Mom is watching.

Our Team

Editor: Sid Tafler's work in journalism has been published in Monday Magazine, where he was editor for six years; the Globe and Mail, columnist and correspondent; The Calgary Herald, city hall bureau chief and assistant city editor; and other publications in Canada and the US. He has also worked in communities, as a director of the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association and volunteer fundraiser for the Food Bank at St. John the Divine. His play, The Original Deed, was staged in Victoria in November 2017.

Contributing Editor: John Farquharson’s contributions to Victoria include chair of the 2002 Gonzales Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee, chair of Victoria’s Greenways Plan Steering Committee; a member of the Maddison Lane Stewardship Group; a director of Open Victoria; and, a director of the Sewage Treatment Action Group. His involvement with The Record is his current effort to help care for Victoria.

Web Designer: Adam Farquharson has always had an interest in politics, especially in his hometown of Victoria. He has been fascinated with technology and comfortable with computers from an early age. Adam is happy for the opportunity to work on the Record website and excited to see how the project connects the community and encourages discussion over our local politics.